Thermobonding X3 line for IMP Comfort

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Thermobonding X3 line for IMP Comfort

20 Febbraio 2018

Texnology s.r.l. is glad to announce the agreement with I M P Comfort Sp.zoo. for a complete thermobonding line scheduled to start up on August 2018.The agreement includes the supplying of opening and blend i ng equipment, high speed carding technology, a revolutionary profìling unit, one "ultimate suite" crosslapping device, a web drafter with 21 rollers, a 3 step oven, a cooling unit, a calendar and a synchronized web storage for high speed cutting and winding.The high-capacity Texnology line will produce lightweight technical thermobonded roll goods.

I M P Comfort develops, manufactures and sells thermobond and needlefelt roll goods for technical applications such as furniture, fìlter media, geotextiles and staple fìbers."We are one of the only companies in the world with a production cycle from bers to nonwovens;' says Mrs. Katarzyna Mal icka, Director; I M P."Here at Swidnica, nder the same roof, beginning from polyester staple fìbers, we are able to prod uce between 80 and 1 .000 gsm, up to 6 meters wide, i n either needlepu nched or thermobonded formats. This new line will consolidate our leadership of the domestic mar­ ket, and also provide a good opportu nity for export:' Nicola Olivo, owner of Texnology, adds,"The same web forming tech nology used in this thermobondi ng u nit can be installed on the needlepunching line already in operation where we are also the main supplier:'

Texnology next generation needlepunching machines operate without sliding rods, rocker arms, opposite-connection rods or linkages. Globally patented, the confìguration allows connecting rods to joi n and merge in a single gear shaft connected to only one motor.The need le board movement is therefore not only vertical but also horizontal, ensuring that the need les always tilt i n the direction of the materiai processed when entering and exiting the product. Draft is almost eliminated to zero.