Agreement with Allertex of America

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Agreement with Allertex of America

04 Marzo 2018

Texnology is pleased to announce its agency agreement with Allertex of America. Allertex represents the world’s finest and most successful machinery makers and its commitment to its customers and the market is invaluable. The Agent will act as Principal’s sales representative in the U.S.A., Canada and Mexico. You are welcome to visit Texnology at the Techtextil North America fair joining Allertex booth 2723.

Texnology is one of the most leading manufacturers of textile machinery for nonwovens industry. As general contractor for complete nonwovens plants, Texnology provides infor­mation management and engineering, finance management, logistics, installation, start-up, service and training. Three complete production lines for web forming of staple fibers are installed in the Technical Research Centre of Texnology, one line using card/crosslapper and needle looms, one aerodynamic web forming line with thermobonding and one high speed card installation with elliptical needling. Customer requirements for the nonwoven product form the basis for all technical parameters. Texnology develops new needle felted products from many different types of fiber and new production processes.

Depending on the final product and meeting any budget, Texnology offers three levels of production lines: X1, X2, X3, from lower to higher performances.

One of the last innovations on profiling capabilities is Stirovelo, a stretching unit positioned between carding machine and crosslapper. By using an innovative system, Stirovelo feeds a portion of web with variable weight at constant speed. This web is synchronized with the distributor carriage and folds it not only on the edge, but also on the complete roll working width by using the retrofit of the scanner platform. This machine reduces drastically the money budget required in order to reach quality performances, it can be used with every kind of new or reconditioned carding machine and can be installed also on existing line by replacing old lapping systems.

Being a world leader in high speed crosslapper systems, Texnology’ crosslappers can be adapted to all types of line.

The cheaper crosslapper by Texnology is Sintesi, the essence of the progress in lapping techniques: short textile circuit with just one return of the web, recovery of the web during reversal with profiling implementable from panel. These are just some of the categories that make this machine unique.

Genesi-Evo-Carbonio: three revolutionary versions of the same machine. By the increase in the number of motors you can get an increase in speed. Carbonio machine uses compound material in the rolls.

Bucefalo is the emblem of Texnology next generation. Its technology allows to transport and stratify the nonwoven web as never before. All these machines are equipped with brushless motors of the same size conveying a high working continuity and simplifying the use of spare parts.

Pre-needling and needling machines has a great revolutionary system. The connecting rods join and merge in a single gear. Needle punching machines operate without sliding rods, rocker arms, opposite-connection rod or linkages. The needle board movement is not only vertical, but also horizontal conveying elliptical trajectories. In a single system (elliptical or vertical needling) it is possible to obtain both configurations with unparalleled construction and simplicity. Texnology offers three different types of pre-needling and needling machines.

Mono: this machine is perfect for those products that require low performances and high working continuity.

Unica: this machine is equipped with a connecting rod system. The needle holder bar moves vertically and it is possible to add the elliptical movement.

Ellittica: this machine is characterized by elliptical movement. The needle accompanies the material during its entire journey reducing the drawing and the tension with a consequent reduction in deformation of the final product.

These machines guarantee a high production capacity but at the same time they are characterized by reduced maintenance and ensure a low energy consumption.

At its location in Fontaniva, Texnology gives the possibility to do trials with the customer’s material and a direct demonstration of these revolutionary technologies.