Agreement with KLH Industrievertretungen

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Agreement with KLH Industrievertretungen

10 Dicembre 2019

Texnology is pleased to announce the agency agreement with KLH Industrievertretungen whose representative is Mr. Alexander Hübschmann. The agent will act as Principal's sales representative in Germany. 

After the great success in the USA and Asia, Texnology keeps on promoting his technology in the German territory visiting some of the major nonwoven producers. this  opportunity enabled the company to present new crosslapper Fusione, the latest development with the highest performance. This machine allows the processing of micro-fibers and production in the 30 gsm weight range, CV<1%, final winding speed over 110 m/min at 4 mt working width. 

Stirovelo is the new Texnology profiling unit. It is fed by the card at constant speed and density and in output it generates variable density at constant speed. This unit maintains the characteristics of the web before crosslapping and increases its speed.

The batt drafter is an important prerequisite for needling. Texnology batt drafter has 5 trio groups and it is made up of wired cylinders at progressive speed. This technology increases the line productivity of light products and reduces the drafts.

Ellittica is Texnology elliptical needle punching machine. This technology/ needle loom has an extreme needle density (4000 n/lin.m.) and guarantees a reduction of the fiber transport per stroke. This means high resistance and best surface quality.

the latest development in needling technoly is Acqualoom. This machine has been designed for Spunlace nonwovens. Acqualoom by Texnology can reach every working width in accordance with the final product. In line with product and material, compaction and dewatering as well as the number and position of water beams are freely selectable to meet the customer’s individual product and material requirements. Acqualoom allows efficient web bonding with a short bonding path.

Texnology is certain of the successful business with KLH Industrievertretungen as the best partner for the customer's needs in the German territory.

We take the opportunity to invite you to our factory based in Fontaniva to do tests and give a direct demonstration of our revolutionary technologies