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As general contractor Texnology supplies complete nonwoven plants: information management and engineering, finance management, logistic, installation, start up, service and training. In close cooperation with the customers Texnology provides the best solution for their individual nonwoven production demands in terms of high capacity and quality.


Texnology coordinates all processes: design, layout, transport, assembly, start up. We supply complete lines and tailormade plants.


Today we count about 180 plants all over the world. Complete nonwoven lines are supplied to make various types of product such as needling, thermobonding, water-entangling or chemical bonding. All production lines are computer controlled and supervised by control systems.


Texnology supplies machineries for any field of application: in the car as filters, insulation materials, nonwoven products used in medicine, make-up pads, spunlace, geotextile, artificial leather, etc.

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