Tradition and innovation

At the beginning of the previous century, the Olivo family brought the textile industry into a society based, up to that time, solely on agriculture.
These photos tell a perhaps long ago story but they help us understand that it was possible to achieve extraordinary things with just a few available means.
Thus for us today who live in the era of technology, nothing is impossible.
For us today, after 40 years spent producing nonwoven fabrics and over a century of tradition behind us, we really wanted to put what we had personally learned into practice.
Quindi abbiamo cercato semplicemente di fare bene.Thus we simply attempted to do a good job.
Then something happened: as the years went by, plant after plant, our customers’ enthusiasm made us realise that the achieved result is as important as the way in which it is obtained.

At the beginning they were just good machines…. then it became a way of thinking.

Whether or not you agree, this approach has drawn a clear line of distinction on the market, which at times has led us to make difficult field choices, but that has always given us the satisfaction of seeing good things where we have worked.

This is our spirit and these are our machines.