The strength of a close-knit team

The production of modern textile machinery is solely the result of scrupulous research and development on industrial production techniques.

Not the opposite.
First we decide how to do it, and then we do it. This methodology is perhaps less immediate but the result will certainly be better.

We were the first to set up production by sector: each supplier is a specialist in his/her field and Texnology the fulcrum of a gear that has worked perfectly for over 10 years.

Strategically located in the productive heart of the Italian technical textile industry, covering an overall area of 3000 sq m, we assemble machinery installed on production plants on which thousands of people work every day.

Even though we live in a world of machines, in the end it is humans that make them work. Aware of this and in order to preserve the cultural and technological expertise gained in recent years within the company, we have chosen the best technicians encountered during our journey. The plants that you see today are the result.